At the foot of the Tower

When mankind wanted to build a tower that would reach the heavens it incurred the wrath of God. To ensure the project got scuttled He did something very simple – He made people talk in different languages while at work. The resounding success (or failure, depending on whether you are a glass half empty or half full person) of this technique manifests in the 21st century as people try to build software products. Product development is akin to a closely coordinated orchestra in which everyone knows the bars and when to step in and how. Interestingly, they all stare down at their sheets that have a uniform representation of the music score. Such compelling camaraderie is sadly not replicated in the software product development process.

Software products may look simple after they come out of the works but making them is a complicated process (or the process has been made complicated). Construction of the simplest of products has at least three teams involved – product management, development and testing and finally sales and marketing. It is absolutely fascinating to see these teams work towards the same objective but with different focus. It is the differing perspective that hauls the spanner into the works.

I stumbled into Product Management almost by accident and thereafter have watched with fascination this world that I’ve called my own for the past seven years. I hope to share some of my thoughts with you through this blog.


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