Permitted Marketing

Your web-based product has state of the art IDAM (Identity and Access Management) systems. That is, it is Fort Knox when it comes to letting users in. Nothing wrong in that. Actually, it is great because you don’t want people to pilfer your product. The trouble is, sometimes people forget their credentials – most often their passwords. Most web products have a link just below the login area that says “Forgot Password”. Against a few questions or on submission of a valid e-mail ID, your user credentials are mailed back to you. Now here starts the problem.

In almost all cases, you would get a staid e-mail that says something like “Dear User (lucky if they system can call you by your first name), here is your user id and password. Click here to login”. Now that is pretty bare boned, isn’t it? But think again, this is one e-mail your user will read and actually will look for in her inbox. So why not sneak in some marketing here. Why not say

Dear Sharon

Thanks a lot for using <<your company name>> for all your financial research needs. We hope your experience has been good and we have kept upto your expectations. We find from our records that your last login to the product was on <<date>>. Since then we have been busy bringing newer features and content in our products.

  • Bullet #1
  • Bullet #2
  • Bullet #3

You can find more details on the splash page just next to the login section of the main website. We hope to continue working on your requirements and make <<your product name>> the one-stop-shop for all your research needs.

Meanwhile, here are your new access credentials
User id : <<user id>>
Password: <<password>>

<<please put a real name and phone number here>>

Inturruption Marketing lost out when it irritated people by intruding into their lives. Not this one – this is Permission Marketing. This is one e-mail that most people will read. So why let the opportunity pass?


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