Flush with job offers

It is seldom that I make two posts on a given day, but I just had to narrate this.

The media and the IT industry in India would make us believe that the job scene in Bangalore is getting tighter. Gone are those days of telemarketers calling you to offer a credit card and should you refuse, a job as well. No, not so fast. In my last visit to the office men’s room today I heard someone taking a call from one of the toilet stalls. It was a job interview. Out of simple curiosity I hung around for longer than I should have and eavesdropped (is “eavesdrop” applicable to a conversation that’s happening at a, umm, well, almost public place?). The person spoke about his skills (both databases and dot net, he said) and his current project engagements (I can’t mention that). Obviously he impressed the interviewer because I suspect the conversation veered towards how quickly can the person join the offering company. The interviewer was reminded about the notice period and that she(?) had to buy out the time in case there’s a need for earlier onboarding. Precisely at this moment I heard the toilet flush with a finality that must have been a broad hint to wind up the interview.

Two questions

(a) What kind of organizations satisfy themseleves with interviews that last for as long as one needs time to answer the other call – nature’s?
(b) Why would someone want to interview with a future employer sitting on a john and (most likely) pants down?

Don’t give up on the labor market in Bangalore. At least not yet.

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