Let’s drop the most popular feature

The first victim of in-flight customer service in India has been the cologne splashed cold towels. If they are never going to make a comeback then they deserve an obituary. The cool touch of the soft fabric on the hypothalamus has drenched many a tired commuter of her stress and has wiped copious grimes off oily faces. Did anyone ever looked down at the offered tray of towels and said “no, thanks, I’d rather stink”? Never. So why did this service get the axe rather than the “would you care to give some feedback, Sir” (push that to the web) or “Sweetlime for you, ma’am” (per bottle MRP Rs.15)? So, as a Product Manager do you generally pluck off the most widely used feature of your product even if you found that to me the more expensive one? I guess not.

A scented paper towel came along with the breakfast tray. Why? My I suggest Jet Airways tries this. Hand over a partially opened pack of a wet-tissue to every disembarking passenger. Keep a bin in the bus that ferries the passengers to the terminal or where the aero-bridge joins the terminal. People appreciate a “pain-killer” much more when they are closer to the “pain”.

PS 1: There is wonderful company called dimdim that will put web-conferencing on your desktop. For free. And here is how they gather customer preference of their features. Interesting.

PS 2: I ran some numbers last night on the US airline industry. Scared the hell out of me. Take a look.

Exxon Mobil can keep aside 3 weeks’ of sales to acquire the top eight airline companies in the US.

2 thoughts on “Let’s drop the most popular feature

  1. Hi Subrata,

    Thanks for mentioning Dimdim. Within the company we use our product instead of airtravel. We have a lot more communication and collaboration than airtravel would allow.

    Warm regards,
    dd ganguly

  2. Hi DD (is it fine I call you that?),

    DImdim is just great! I was blown away with it and have actually asked members of my team to use it if they don’t have an official Livemeeting ID!
    With airtravel getting expensive you’ll hear more of “and I came all the way for THIS”? in meetings. And more people will use Dimdim.
    With companies adopting the “bestshoring” model of resource utilization, the need for virtual teams to collaborate will explode. And more people will use Dimdim.
    You’ve got a winner!


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