“Internal” Products

Basab Pradhan, CEO of gridstone and formerly Head of Sales for Infosys Technologies, writes this very interesting piece on what IT and K/BPO companies can do to survive through the recession
(please don’t wait for the Fed to certify the recession. Look around). Platform BPO is what the industry has settled as name for Software as a Service (SaaS), gift wrapped in outsourcing arbitrages. As a concept it
is very powerful. Perhaps I will write about it some day but this post is about the “Platform” part of Platform BPO.

Building a Platform is in no way different from building normal, commercially available products, which automatically implies that there has to be Product Management around it. Someone has to look at end-users, usability, features, functionality and prioritizations. I have limited insider visibility into the KPO Industry, so would appreciate if someone can post their experiences. The larger point is that businesses often have “internal” products – often a plethora of them – and building these should follow accepted product management techniques. You never know when an “internal” product will become so hot that the division building it gets spun off as a business all by itself (remember the guy who designed those little yellow, sticky bits of paper at 3M?)