More on Crowdsourcing

In an article written for, Ismael Ghalimi writes about “Outsourcing Product Management to Customers”. This is line two of the article

As a product gets used by more and more customers, requests for new features start to pile up, and the job of a product manager is to prioritize them inorder to meet customers’ needs, while avoiding feature creep.

Is this not selling the product manager cheap? If activities like this indeed does hog up a Product Manager’s time then please get him help. Actually, you might as well replace the person with a combination of

  • Letting customers feed in their requests directly through mechanisms I mention here, and
  • a good project manager

Incidentally, Digg like metaphors seem to be a great hit in the Web 2.0 way of gathering requirements. The author of the article I quoted earlier alludes to something similar and it appears that Dell too is trying something along the same lines.

PS: I was amused by Dell’s position that its business is to squeeze the last cent out of supply chain and remain price competitive. That’s a swell reason to not meddle with innovation and keep turning out laptops that can do your morning toast (like the one I am using to author this. This is standard issue from my employers). But this propositioning scares me. I can’t think of a business that won just on cost. Seth Godin writes

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3 thoughts on “More on Crowdsourcing

  1. Thanks, PM Hut.
    Your assessment of Crowdsourcing being at infancy is accurate. A great way to use this technique is to open up a Wiki at the end of a project to collect lessons learned. Several projects in an Institution can then be combined to create a rich body of knowledge.


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