Why should sms be different?

I get a lot of sms (txt) messages on my Blackberry phone, besides standard e-mails. There is no problem with the e-mails because a copy is retained on the exchange server and I can choose to download it to my personal file. The sms are a problem though. These just stay on my phone and get deleted when I need to clear the gunk. Conversations lost for ever not because I didn’t care. Because I have no options.

There are some services that allow sending sms as e-mails (most of them originate in and are restricted to India. Why?) – like this one. But this is more like an workaround than a solution – and pretty restricted at that. Why can’t the following happen?

  • User sets up an e-mail ID in conjunction with her mobile telephone number (the e-mail ID should be modifiable in the future)
  • A copy of all sms’ sent to the user’s phone should also reach the e-mail ID (with some tags that distinguish it from an e-mail)
  • sms’ exchanged on the same day should be saved as a conversation thread (user should have the felxibility to manually daisy-chain sms to stitch a conversation)
  • sms’ should be as searchable as e-mail is.

Too much to ask?

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