Poorly Researched Posts

I wrote two poorly researched posts in my blog sometime back.

  1. In this post, I wondered why digital cameras did not strive to complete the user workflow of uploading photographs by allowing internet connectivity through the device. Panasonic Lumix TZ50 has it. Engadget did a preview in January of this year as well.
  2. My colleague Srinivas Nivarty kept me honest by pointing out the following as a reply to this post where I wonder why the end user license of an e-book should prohibit “reading aloud”.

I think the ‘reading aloud’ bit refers to text-to-speech tools being disabled. Adobe Reader usually allows PDF content to be streamed as voice and this feature is possibly restricted in this ebook.

Ctrl+shift+b – to hear the entire Document
Ctrl+shift+v – to hear the page
Ctrl+shift+c – to resume
Ctrl+shift+e – to stop

A little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing. I promise to research better in the future.