First Day First Show: Google Chrome

I installed Google Chrome just a while back and here are some quick first reaction

  1. There is nothing in the browser that wows me. It looks Google-ish, as it was expected to and I am not sure if Google will welcome skinning its browser enthusiastically. I like my browsers colorful and this light blue themed browser is not much of a spirit lifter.
  2. The fact that Google poached Firefox engineers to build this is visible in certain implementations. The bar that pops up and offers to remember your password for a given site is just a copy-paste of Firefox
  3. Chrome very quickly imported all my bookmarks from Firefox. However there is a shortcoming (vis-a-vis Firefox) in the way it searches in the address bar. For example, to get to this blog you will have to type “subrataalpha…” for that to show up. You may remember this blog by its title but typing “Confessions of a…” will not take you to this blog’s url.
  4. The lack of extensions (yet) is killing. There are many sites (including some of our own web products) that I run using the “IE Tab” extension in Firefox, which I cannot in Chrome. However I think quite soon a lot of the Firefox extensions will get ported into Chrome, so day may not be far.
  5. Integration of Google search within the address bar is a nice touch. And thanks to Google for allowing to choose other search engines (not that I will but the magnanimity of the gesture is nice).
  6. The ability to open multiple pages is a good thing. I tend to read several websites for news first thing in the morning and having them all open up on startup is very welcome. Not so cool is the setting of reopening pages. Each time a Firefox session with multiple tabs is closed, the question pops up about how would the user want it to reopen next. In Chrome that setting is done once and cannot be changed as a workflow completion item.
  7. Naughtly google always snooped on my mails to throw up relevant ads on a page. From the terms and conditions of the browser usage it is apparent that it now owns everything I choose to send through it. Are you listening George Orwell, wherever you are?
  8. I have opened several tabs simultaneously and pounded away at the keyboard for a while now. Chrome has held up elegantly to that nuisance.

Question: Did the world actually need two competing (and perhaps equi-capable) open source browsers?

2 thoughts on “First Day First Show: Google Chrome

  1. Crome is awesome. good clean and very functional. I know that down the line more innovations will be added to it just as it has been for google docs and all other google applications.

    cheers google for chrome

    from India


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