Medium of Expression (A bonus slideshow included)

There are different ways of telling a story. Each way has its own media associated with it. A single story can be articulated through different media with varying effects. Films provide a dynamic audio-visual experience, comic-strips only static visuals, podcasts only audio and the print media places enormous responsibility on the author of careful and detailed articulation.  For the same story to be told, the content and presentation varies significantly depending on the choice of the medium of expression.

Brings me to Requirements. I have seen people use Word documents, Excel sheets, Visio diagrams, Powerpoints to provide requirements. Unfortunately not much thought is given while choosing one medium over another. There is no reason why a Use Case be written in Excel, or a tracability matrix crafted in Word. Many organizations create the artifact definition for Requirements but fail to mandate the medium of expression. It may sound trivial but believe me, it is not.

Here is how the thought for this post got triggered. I had made my mind to write about how offshored captive units of global companies struggle to fix their reporting relationships and how this impacts the organization and the employees. It then occured to me that it will be a very different way of expression if I decided to write that post as a presentation. Here is the output (some fonts got messed up, some animations were lost). Very different from what a blog post on the same topic would have looked like.