The Deadly Thr3e

  • Yes, we’d love to be able to provide that kind of flexibility but our technology platform doesn’t permit that
    • Can you explain one more time – slowly please – the exact purpose this technology platform is serving?
  • Our method of building products may extend our time-to-market but it certainly brings about better predictability
    • I don’t remember when a customer got terribly interested knowing we will get him his must-have product at 8:30am of 19th September of 2010
  • Since a lot of our engineering is out-sourced, and the vendor is extremely strict about change-control, we will have to be very cautious about scope-creep (and we will not entertain any bugs versus features discussions)
    • Looks like the out-sourcing vendor runs a much better ship…

I don’t know if it is just a problem with me, but I tend to either roll my eyes or shut my mind off the moment I hear these or their cousins. It is alright for an organization to exploit internal efficiencies but unfortunately the zealots who are given such powers turn up as autocratic commander-in-chiefs and completely forget that fraternity for which the company exists. Customers are not incidental to the business, no matter how tightly one would like to run the organization internally.

My friend and colleague Mahesh CR takes a more encompassing (and I daresay circumspect) look at this malaise.