Of Quarterly Goals and Missed Targets

At the beginning of the year I gave myself a target. Unlike the armchair-resolutions that I also indulge in, this one was shorter term and hence more exigent. The Q1 readership of this blog had to equal that for the whole of last year. Well, “year” is a misnomer since I started Confessions of a Digital Immigrant (seriously thinking of pruning it down to a manageable “CDI”) in June of 2008. Still, like anyone who has been handed down a sales target, I found the self imposed goal a touch onerous.

I did two things. One, I wrote more (in an effort to bring down the marginal cost of production!). Running a professional blog alongside running a group in a company standing in the middle of the economic meltdown makes serious demands of ones time. But I decided to hang on. Two, I opened up the windows to let fresh air come in. That is, I started the “Expert Zone” feature, inviting guest posts from people who have clearly left me behind in evolution.

Despite all this, I failed. I came 7.5% behind target. I had a good mind to blame it on the recession and or Tim Geithner but looking around I thought it is perhaps easier to push the jaw out and take the blow myself. There were brighter spots however. Average readership per day almost doubled as did the number of people who subscribed to RSS feeds of CDI.

Going ahead, expect more posts on the blog and on topics that cover a wider gamut of the industry – both on the business side as well as on operational aspects of product management. Interactivity of CDI is low, primarily due to restrictions of WordPress.com but I wish to improve on that too. My task would be easier if you  leave a comment on what you would want to read more on CDI.

I will keep the thanking short because any amount of it will always be inadequate. For everyone who stopped by CDI to read the stuff – Thank You! For those of you who have CDI on your RSS readers – Thank You! (CDI not on your  reader? Get it now. How?). For those who commented on the blog and challenged my thinking – Thank You! For those who linked back to CDI – Thank You! For those who contributed to “Expert Zone” – Thank You!

That’s it. Back to work.