In the coin collection from my travels across the world I found something truly priceless. Or worthless, depending of which side you examine the matter from. Here is what I had

Fifty Zimbabwean cents

Fifty Zimbabwean cents

A Zimbabwean fifty cent coin. Must be the most worthless piece of currency ever to exist on this planet.

A different perspective

My financial senses have become a little numb these days with so much money being thrown around in the economic crisis. Millions, Billions, Trillions are all uttered in the same breath like zeros – finally – do not matter. The intention is to shock-and-awe the world economy out of the coma. The backdrop couldn’t have been better for some Zim-maths.

At the official exchange rate, it would take you 300 trillion Zim Dollars to get one buck. That is 600 trillion of these fifty Zim cents. The 50 cent coins were about 2mm thick. You have guessed where I am getting with this, right? Yes, if you piled the fifty cent coins one atop the other, the stack will have reached a height of 745,645,431 miles. That is when you get one US Dollar.

  • 745,645,431 miles is 1,561 round trips from the earth to the moon
  • 745,645,431 miles is 29,943 times around the earth at the equator
  • And a beam of light starting from the base of this stack will have to travel for an hour and six minutes before it illuminates the top-most fifty cent coin.

All this for one US Dollar.

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