Cloud Computing and Enterprise Information

Gary Orenstein on GigaOm has an insightful piece on the enterprise effect of cloud computing. Cloud Computing holds out enormous promise of liberating divisions within an enterprise – especially small and medium enterprises – of the draconian clutches of its in-house IT department (if it is rich enough to afford one, that is). Vendors will have setup multi-tenanted cloud platforms and applications that divisions can sign up and use (and stop subscribing when they wish). Imagine the productivity impact this will most likely have on businesses.

I was thinking how this may impact enterprise level information aggregation and decision support systems. “Single version of truth”, “three-sixty-degree view”, “firm-wide, firm-wise” were just some buzz words that the DWH/BI practitioners have gone around with for quite a while now. cloud

And they had a valid point (how much that translated into efficient and effective implementation is another matter though). So now in the new world where the workflow, processing and storing are all happening on the cloud, where does the Enterprise Intelligence box sit? Most likely that will move to the cloud as well. It will be a fascinating space to watch as it plays out. The application vendors on the cloud will – someday – want to forward integrate into BI/DWH/Analytics on the cloud but size could be restrictive. I would rather prognosticate that the BI/DWH/Analytics vendors with cloud infrastructure will integrate back stream into applications. What happens when only parts of the enterprise are using the cloud while the rest is using in-house applications hosted in local data centers – how does the mashup happen then? And where?

What do you think? How do you feel this game will be played out?