Walpha plus Google: Best of both worlds

Wolfram|Alpha started dating Google sooner than I expected. This Firefox extension allows you to commingle Wolfram|Alpha’s output against a Google search retrieval. The Brin-Page smartness and the gumption of Stephen Wolfram – heady cocktail. I threw the same Bob Dylan rehtoric question at this newly dating couple and here is what it returned – each doing their bit to perfectionWA_G

PS: Walpha is sluggish than the big G. The latter fetched about half a million results in 0.34 seconds while Walpha took an additional whopping 15 seconds to display its wares.

PPS: Contrary to my expectations, Walpha hasn’t yet figured out “how many bags of wool does ba ba black sheep have”. Big G dug up some 6,000 answers.

Question: If Big G and Walpha were real life couples, how do you think they’d split the household work?


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