Which way are you looking?

More a company (and it’s employees) looks outside, the more it stays closer to its customers with a finger on their pulse. So is your company doing that or are you wasting most of your energy on internal cycles? Here is a quick and dirty way of finding out – inspired by Joel Spolsky. On a given day, try to keep a tab on the number of phrases and acronyms that you use (or someone does on you) that only folks within your company will understand.

You know how to interpret the numbers and watch out for the trend.

PS: Funny situations happen. In my first career as a spot FX trader I was once summoned by the CFO to his office. “Bring your TP along”, he said. Completely baffled about how to bring my “Take Profit” orders to his office, a colleague explained that the boss meant “laptop”. ThinkPad, that is.