What a waste

  • All hiring decisions should be approved by the Group Head before resume sourcing can actually begin
  • Every travel must be approved by at least a Senior Vice President prior to buying the trip

Lack of trust. That is what this is. The trouble is two fold. One, is approving round trips from Singapore to Shanghai the best utilization of a senior vice president’s time (and imagine if he has to actually get online to verify each number)? Two, you don’t trust the guys two level down to make these decisions and yet you want them to be “entrepreneurial in thinking” (like most organizations expect) – why?

Organizations will defend themselves stating that their intent is to merely add “healthy friction” in the process so people are careful. Trouble is the quantum of “friction” cannot be defined and very soon bureaucracy takes over. And employees waste internal cycles to fight the organization when they should have been looking outward.

If you are in a position to break this madness, do it now. Expect Demand responsible behavior from your people and you will get it.

One thought on “What a waste

  1. But I think, this is just a temporary arrangement during periods like the one we are currently undergoing. If I am the boss of a company whose total debt is $100 and cash is $50, I will be certainly interested to know how this $50 is being planned to be spent, though I may not say NO for certain expenses.

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