Sweeping Dust

Each day on my way to the gym in the morning I witness this scene. An old person, employed by the municipal corporation, sweeping dust from the road to the edge of the sidewalk. Dust flies all around and the man does not have any protective gear on to prevent him breathe in the same dust he is sweeping. India is quite a dusty place anyway and Bangalore, which wasn’t so dusty earlier, is catching up with its share of large scale constructions. Hence the old man repeats his act everyday, sweeping the same dust from the street to the same place only for passing vehicles to suck the dust back onto the street. Sweep dust, bring to edge, sucked back, sweep dust…repeat. Spinning the wheels with no impact on results. Sad, indeed.

And then I wondered how much of such men we have in corporations. Sweeping some dust, perhaps the same dust – day in and out – from one place to the other, only to repeat the whole thing again and again. The need for action doesn’t go away and neither does the dust.

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