Managing your wealth

Every human act is served better with a goal. Lack of it is like driving aimlessly. You can chance upon a serene waterfall amidst a lush of green, but the odds are stacked heavily against you. The same goes for managing one’s money or wealth. One, however, has to consider some frame-of-mind issues before passing a blanket judgment. Example, a younger yet earning generation may not be so goal oriented in nature when compared to how a mature generation goes about wealth management.

There has been a recent spurt of online services providing goal oriented wealth management services (besides the promise of aggregating scattered repositories of wealth information to give a holistic picture). Most of these are North America based like Mint and FutureAdvisor. There are ones in India too like this and this

I have setup a poll to understand wealth creation processes. Your responses will help me better understand your inclination towards the wealth creation process

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