Attention is Precious

So is that the reason why you are wasting spreading it around?

Everyday we start with a finite amount of attention and choose to do something meaningful with it. Faced with options to choose between investment choices for attention, we make immediate – yet conscious – decisions. Finish off that presentation takes higher precedence than updating Facebook status, for example. The universe of choices however is increasing at an alarming rate. There are so many blogs to read, so many posts to comment on, so many interesting people to follow on Twitter, your RSS feed is bursting at the seams – and not to mention the demands of your professional and personal lives.

We go about this in a manner of “let’s do more” – let’s get more attention to spare from somewhere. Unable to make ruthless choices of cutting down the demand side of the equation, we stretch a finite resource like it was a bottomless pit. Remember the rubber-band that got pulled endlessly? Why don’t you try the “less” approach. What if you scaled down your activities and did only a handful of things and did them well outstandingly well? Yes, you’d be less informed about ash spewing Icelandic volcanoes but become a force to reckon with in your chosen field.

If you doubt the veracity of this approach, I have two words for you. General Electric.

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