Twenty Eight Years of Keeping the Faith

India defeated Sri Lanka in an exciting cricket match last night to win the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 after a gap of twenty eight years. Here is a curated list of readings worth your time

Bhubon-Joyee (world-winners): (Bengali) By Sumit Ghose and Gautam Bhattacharya in Anandabazar Patrika. Bengali authors somehow still retain the Neville Cardus like touch while writing about the sport

Sydney Morning Herald: Pedestrian writing but easily the best photographs amongst all reports of the match. UPDATE: Peter Roebuck more than makes up for the earlier insipid report with this analysis

Timing the campaign to perfection: Simon Hughes in the UK Telegraph heaps praises for the Indian skipper. Also the toss controversy (this article claims the Sri Lankan skipper called “Heads” first up – and the coin landed heads – while replays are inconclusive)

The baton passes: Blogger Sidvee writes on how a team that won the cup for Sachin Tendulkar has now learned to move ahead of the little master.

KAPSLOCK: 1983 cup winning skipper Kapil Dev writes on the 2011 cup winning skipper

The Victors & The Vanquished: Vineet Khare writes for the BBC – on the joy and despair at the rival camps after the game was done

Maturity of the Indian Squad: Sharda Ugra of Cricinfo analyzes

Goodbye Gary: Indian Express (Nihal Koshie) pays a tribute to the never seen yet ever present figure in the last four years of Indian cricket

The New York Times: A Reuters editorial, buried in the bowels of the online edition

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