Twelve Word CV

When I asked him for a short bio that could go at the foot of his guest post on CDI, Basab Pradhan wrote back a one liner. I pointed out that this was far too much brevity for someone who has had a distinguished career like him. “Let it be that way”, was a short reply I received.

Basab Pradhan has come back to head up global sales for Infosys, a position he held before he moved on in 2005. Infosys faces tough challenges as it fends off competition, rebuilds the organization and also writes a better succession plan for the top post. They have made a good first move by getting Basab back – and in a familiar role where he can make a lot of difference.

Basab was co-authoring a book on Indian Offshore Services to India before taking up this assignment. Given Basab’s rich experience it would have been a great read – I hope the book stays on track.

Why does India not have software product companies – was the question I had posed to Basab, that prompted him to write a guest post for CDI. Read on

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