Bloggers’ Block & P2H

I have not posted a single article in September. My readership has not fallen off the cliff but it is clear that I have been living off endowments.

I have been inflicted with Bloggers’ Block – an inability to feed a editorial content centric medium with thoughts that matter, conversations that advance a line of thinking. It is easy for me to sit back and attribute this apathy to several reasons but none of them would hold up against my dad’s principle – “If anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well”. And this blog is worth doing.

Thus is born P2H – shorthand for Project Two Hundred. In the next one year, I set myself a target of 200 posts, without bunching them up and gaming the system. The objective behind this is two fold. First (and most obvious) is to ensure my readers get the content they expect from this medium. Secondly (and more important for me), I expect this will force me to find an hour of thinking time every day

To keep myself honest I shall post the standard Board Room “Target v Actual” graphs every month (if you want special animation in those or super-vivid colors, please write to me)

There is something that I would like you to do too. If you see some (or none) of what I have set as goals happening you will post an acerbic comment on this post. I shall not delete it. It will serve as a permanent footprint on cyberspace of not doing well something that was worth that effort

PS: As always, there is a bit of Seth Godin in all this


3 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Block & P2H

  1. Subrata – Know the feeling exactly 🙂 Just last night I had taken a less public decision to post on my blog everyday, for the Nth time I must add. All the best to you on this effort. Only suggestion, you might have named the effort as P3H, ‘Project 300’..ideal for some Spartan-like assault on writer’s block 🙂

    • You have been doing a great job on your blog, Mahesh – you should be rightly proud.

      We dealt ourselves a weak hand by choosing a specialized subject as focus for our writing. I cunningly created a diversion with a category called “Life” but soon realized that I had not much in “life” different from what I would label as “profession”. So the “2H” by itself looks onerous enough, having severed opportunities to write about Hina Rabbani Khar’s handbag or a review of a new Bollywood flick!

  2. “I cunningly created a diversion with a category called “Life” but soon realized that I had not much in “life” – Splendid 🙂 Honestly you need to write a novel.

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