Communication Analytics

My friend and now entrepreneur, C R Mahesh, pointed me to a Google announcement this morning. The GMail team at Google has created a shiny new toy – GMail Meter. The service looks into your email history, scrapes out metadata from your communications and then presents back to you Communication Analytics (CommAn). Those familiar with Xobni will instantly associate this as an ape – well, somewhat – of that service

But Xobni is a cul-de-sac product – it is destined to hit a wall with no turns in its future unless it navigates into the murky world of alliances (someone I respect said recently – “alliances are naturally unstable”). Google however has downstream assets like Google+ that it can potentially marry this service with. And the key with successful Communication Analytics is the efficiency with which it can be partnered with one or multiple social activities. It is not necessary for builders of CommAns to have a clear line of sight into the downstream activities so long as their architecture is open enough to accommodate and analyze different classes of metadata. For example, an extensible CommAn system should be able to satisfy social commerce serving up specific metadata as elegantly as it does for social self directed investing use cases

CommAns by itself is not the holy grail – it is the means to an end. The end is Social Activity