Flipkart 2.0: Reinventing the Online Retailer

Looked from a different perspective, it could well be a gangster movie script. There’s a territory waiting to be conquered and a couple of ¬†youngsters, both in their mid twenties, take disproportionate amounts of risk to attack the turf. Their success – after the normal period of struggle – quickly attracts wannabes who start their own gigs. Each trying to outdo the other in tactics. Wars (not the kind where they pull out guns before you could say “Corleone”) break out – pricing, products, promotions, pampering – name it and they get fought over.

In a way that’s the story of Flipkart so far – India’s pioneer in online retail. The first entrant is clearly standing at crossroads though, weighing options of pivoting its business. Which way should it go such that it builds a sustainable advantage over incumbents as well as those who harbor ambitions of getting into this market later?

I write my thoughts on this for Startupcentral. Read on…