I am not the brightest light in the harbor. I try – with mixed results – to make up for the lack of intelligence with a widely open intellectual curiousity. I am inquisitive. In that act of exploring new things I stumble upon concepts, people and practices that hold my fascination. This blog is my channel to bring forth my thoughts on what I find interesting. By putting things out in the open I hope to get many more people – easily smarter than me – weigh in on a bunch of subjects

The name of the blog merits a few sentences. This platform – a digital platform – is not something I grew up with. My childhood was spent where the day’s newspaper would arrive at 4:30pm. The radio was my best shot at getting a glimpse to what was happening in the world. There was no TV and the entire town had perhaps a handful of people who knew what a computer was. Compare that with the generation that came along a couple of decades later and you’ll know what a “digital immigrant” is compared to a “digital native”

Motivation to write

On this blog I write on subjects that are of professional interest. The phrase “professional interest” is dynamic as my interests meander in strange ways. I make an honest attempt at keeping my gamut of interest wide (which I am told is not a good thing for a blog – it is better to stay focused, they say) and write on something that genuinely holds my interest rather fabricating love. Writing helps me clear my mind and put structure to the way I approach a situation. And like I said earlier, I am actually fishing to start a conversation with my readers

This blog also has a Facebook page. I always cross post from here on that platform. The Facebook page also gets curated content that intersects topics that are current on the blog. Visit the page if you have a moment

I also write a mostly non-serious blog at Howrah Breeze. I love writing in vernacular bengali, which happens to be my mother tongue. Howrah Breeze has copious amount of writing in that language, including fiction and translations of stories

Standard blah-blah

I am currently employed at Thomson Reuters and the firm has its own constraints on writing on social platforms. Views and opinion I express here, including comments that I may moderate, are my own views and not of my employers (or its business partners). Sometimes I write on capital markets, public companies, financial instruments etc. These must not be construed as investment advice or guidance

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